Why Moisturizing is Good for Every Skin Type

If you are someone who follows the K beauty routine ardently, you would have observed the prominently visible result of radiant skin. This is a goal that many of us desires and something that daily moisturizing can help in achieving.

Turn the pages of beauty history books, and you will realize that for long, moisturizers and moisture were associated with greasy products that were only meant for people having dry skin. Worse, these created plenty of skin problems that had to be dealt with. A person who experiences skin problems like acne or has naturally oily skin will typically shy away from using moisturizers.

Moisture, when infused into the skin, helps in its regeneration and reduces occurrences of skin issues. So, if your skin is prone to chronic conditions such as rosacea or eczema, or milder problems such as acne, you will need a good deal of moisture for the skin and hence a moisturizer.

Moisturizer is an important component of K-BeautyWhy is moisture essential for your skin?

The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin that has a natural covering made of lipids and water that acts as a shield. This shield also creates a natural supply line for moisture to the skin. When this moisture does not come, the balance in your skin is lost. Hence, it is very important to have moisture for your skin since it keeps the dermal layer protected by creating a barrier over the skin. This way, the skin is protected against drying out.

Skin moisture also helps in maintaining the balance that prevents bacteria from penetrating into the dermal layers. When you use the right kind of moisturizer, it also reduces your risk of experiencing breakouts on the skin.

Most importantly, moisture helps to regenerate the skin, and, in its absence, the turnover of the skin cell is at risk of being disrupted. This makes moisture an obvious choice for improving the elasticity of the skin without which, the skin tends to age rather rapidly and loses out on the firm nature.

How to retain skin moisture, so it stays balanced?

There is a simple answer to this question – all that you have to do is make use of the right kind of moisturizer. You can find products with a light texture from Korean skincare that has a formula for providing moisture to the skin without clogging it or leading to the development of such side effects as acne.

These products support the last-step approach to skincare to help lock in all the ingredients that are typically applied through facial oils, serums, essences, and sheet masks. Start by applying the lighter texture and follow up with a mix of a thicker consistency.

Home remedies to try for naturally moisturizing the skin

Are you planning to give your dry skin a natural moisturizing treatment? Here are some remedies that you can try out.


Traditional moisturizers can be replaced with certain natural oils such as olive oil, argan oil, or coconut oil. Various skin products are now available in the market containing oil-based soaps as well as pure oil which can be used as a good alternative to chemical-based moisturizers.


An avocado facial mask serves as great nourishment for your dry skin. Healthy fats and an array of nutrients contained in avocado help in keeping your skin hydrated. Avocado contains high amounts of oleic acid that increase the permeability of the skin. It can be mashed up and applied to the face or mixed with honey or sugar to use as a body scrub.

Shea Butter:

Produced from the shea tree in Africa, shea butter is a great natural skin moisturizer that can address issues such as eczema, wind burns, and dry skin. It has a content of vitamins A and E along with certain essential fatty acids that help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Shea butter and aloe veraAloe Vera:

Aloe vera is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and provides a wonderful remedy for treating dry or cracked skin. You can either take aloe vera direct from the plant or make use of a readymade gel for relieving the discomfort of the skin and retaining the smooth texture.


There are anti-inflammatory properties associated with milk. You can dip a washcloth in milk and apply it on the skin to provide soothing feeling against dryness. Butter, milk, or cream could also be considered for replenishing the lost oils.

What moisturizer to use for every skin type?

For those with dry and sensitive skin, check out the Real Barrier Intense Moisture or Extreme creams. Both of them hydrate and moisturize the skin and provide a soothing effect to sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin patches.

The use of an MLE technology mimics the functions of the natural skin barrier. The Extreme Cream has a thicker texture and gives a heavy feel on the skin, thus being an ideal option for night-time routines.

The Intense Moisture, on the other hand, provides a lighter alternative to be used for a daytime routine by those who are not big fans of a thicker formula.

Those with normal skin can check out the Lagom Cellus Deep Moisture Cream that has a rich texture. The Mild Moisture Cream from the same brand results in a milder feeling. A formula by the name of Aqualicia that was awarded the Nobel-prize infuses moisture directly into the skin cells to give them a balanced and plump look.

If you have oily skin, try the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing cream for a lighter texture. This moisturizer helps in keeping your skin nourished all through the day and night across seasons minus any feeling of irritation. The cream also reduces your skin temperature and soothes irritated and reddish skin.

If your oily skin experiences frequent breakouts, it is advisable that you try the Dr. G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer that provides intense, long-lasting moisturizing to the skin. An effective treatment, it heals first-stage skin damages and breakouts such as acne.

Of all types of moisturizers, with natural products, there is very little possibility that any of these will give an adverse side-effect to your skin. However, every individual has a different skin type, so it is important that you identify the best remedy that is well suited to your respective skin type. Use of good moisturizing cream helps you keep your skin well hydrated and soft.