Trust Your Life – Resist the Urge to Hoard Information

In the last 15 years, the Internet has changed the way we research information. We can find anything we are looking for on any subject at the drop of a hat. We tend to find more information than we actually need.

Before the information age, we would go to the library and photocopy what we needed or buy a book. We had an excuse to keep files on information because it wasn’t so easy to find.

Avoid buying things you do not needNow, we have all the information we need and then some at our fingertips, and yet we still print out a lot of what we find on the Internet and keep marketing mailings because we might want to buy the product some day. We have become information hoarders.

Marketing is getting people to buy or think about buying when they don’t need it. The reason we keep this marketing material or download information from the Internet is that we don’t need it right then but we might someday.

If it is seriously something that you need to have in your life, you will do the research on the Internet at the time you need it, and you will find it. Trusting that the information will be available to you when you need it also means that you trust your life.

Once you trust your life, you will also notice that your desk, house, and mind become clearer as a result.

If you feel more comfortable with knowing where to go for things you have found on the Internet in the past, create a Word document in your computer of Internet links or use your Web browser’s “Favorites” to save links and easily access them later. Then when you want to research those items, you know where to find them on your computer. The only reason you should print this piece of paper out is if you don’t backup your computer.