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Reducing Clutter for Small Spaces

Whether it’s a small closet or a tight space, there are specific steps to take to become better organized. The first step is to purge unnecessary items. Get Organized – Sort the Stuff! First, make three piles and label them “keep,” “maybe” and “get rid of.” Begin to sort items into these piles quickly. Take […]

Simple Organizing Tidbits to Eliminate Clutter

Here are some solutions to using items already in your home. Why do you think organizing stores and containers, of all sorts, have become so popular? When you “contain” items, instead of having them all over your flat surfaces (what some refer to as flat surface disease) you make your disorganized space look less cluttered […]

An Organized Life is a Life of Wealth

If you’re an organized person, you can create wealth. What? Is it that simple? Well, according to two experts on wealth creation, that is exactly what’s so. According to Paige Grant, Founder of Wealthy Women Inc, 80% of wealth mastery is related to our beliefs and attitudes, and 20% is relevant to strategies. “Therefore, if […]