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Reducing Clutter for Small Spaces

Whether it’s a small closet or a tight space, there are specific steps to take to become better organized. The first step is to purge unnecessary items. Get Organized – Sort the Stuff! First, make three piles and label them “keep,” “maybe” and “get rid of.” Begin to sort items into these piles quickly. Take […]

Simple Organizing Tidbits to Eliminate Clutter

Here are some solutions to using items already in your home. Why do you think organizing stores and containers, of all sorts, have become so popular? When you “contain” items, instead of having them all over your flat surfaces (what some refer to as flat surface disease) you make your disorganized space look less cluttered […]

Creating More Garage Space by Decluttering

These days most of us seem to accumulate a lot of stuff, which inevitably often makes its way from the home to the garage. To create more space in the garage, first, declutter to get rid of unused items and then go to the DIY store to buy ceiling hooks, netting, and shelving storage units. […]

Multitasking and Managing Household Chores

I still remember how shell-shocked I was when I brought my newborn daughter home from the hospital. I’d worked for an oil company as an accountant, and my time had virtually been my own to manage how I wished. All of that changed in a matter of hours. I was amazed at how virtually all […]