Signs your Washing Machine Needs Repair

Appliance repairs are inevitable unless you don’t use the appliance at all. When it comes to your washing machine, better maintenance will definitely ensure it serves you longer.

When your washing machine isn’t performing as you’d expect, it could be a big problem or even nothing at all. This is why diagnosing and knowing the signs to look out for is important.

  1. Bliss without washing machine repairsThe machine is too noisy

It is normal for your washing machine to make some noise, however, if the noise is too loud and unusual then something is wrong.

The noise may be as a result of a heavy load or a lack of balance. Try to ease the load by removing some of the clothes and restoring balance to the washing machine. If this doesn’t work then that means there might be a problem with the belt or internal leveling system.

At this point, you need to contact a professional and have them fix whatever the problem is.

  1. The washing machine has slow agitation or doesn’t spin

If your washing machine’s agitation is slow, then that means the clothes won’t be moved around as required. This will, in turn, lead to clothes that are not clean or not thoroughly rinsed off the soap.

If the machine does not spin at all then maybe something could be stuck underneath the center column. It is best to check to ensure that it is nothing too big that you should worry about. However, before doing this make sure to turn it off before checking to avoid any accidents.

If nothing is caught up then this means it could be a broken belt or a faulty lid switch. You could decide to diagnose the problem yourself however I would recommend leaving it to the professionals.

  1. Water does not fill the drum

If water does not fill the drum, then your clothes won’t be saturated which would lead to an inefficiently cleaned load. There are a few things that would lead to this; cold and hot water faucets not turned on, delayed cycle, a kink in the hose or clogged filters.

You could try fixing some of these issues yourself but if the problem persists, then your water pump could be the issue. With this, you would need to consult a professional and get them to fix your problem.

  1. The washing machine leaks

When your washing your clothes, you don’t expect there to be any water leaking. However, this may be as a result of too much detergent. Taking time to correct this will help you identify whether there is a bigger problem to be addressed.

Having any water leaks is dangerous considering the fact that your washing machine is hooked to electricity. This could result in an unwanted accident.

The leaking could be caused by a broken drainpipe which should be replaced to ensure water does not leak during the next spin cycle.

  1. Water remains in the drum after draining

Having water in your drum after a spin cycle can be mistaken as nothing to be concerned about. However, after your wash, the washing machine drains the water and there should not be any water left in the drum.

The presence of water is an indicator that your washing machine has a problem that needs to be repaired. The problem could most likely be with your water pump which would need a professional to replace.

  1. Smelly odor

Some washing machines are prone to having a really strong smell that may occur after a long period of time. This smell emanates from the mold and bacteria that thrive in moisture when left untreated.

Dirty laundry means smelly laundryThis smell may get worse and spread to your laundry and if your not aware of what to do it may leave your laundry room really smelly. The best way to avoid this is by regularly checking your washing machine and wiping it down to remove any bacteria and molds looking to grow.

However, if your machine is already affected there are a few steps here you can take to clean it and leave it feeling nice and fresh.

  1. Washing machine won’t turn on

This is the most basic sign that any of your appliances is faulty. If all the connections are in order and the machine won’t turn on then there must be an internal problem.

It is also important to check if whether the breaker trips or not. If it does, then the problem is electrical and you need to call your electrician.

However, if the problem is internal and not electrical, you need to consult TX Appliance Repair in Dallas. This is to better get an understanding of what is going on with your washing machine. The recommendations may either be to repair or even replace it by going all in and purchasing a new washer.

Having regular maintenance of your washing machine will save you the hassle of having too many repairs all the time. Get better acquainted with the parts and what their function is. This will help you better diagnose a problem when it arises. This, however, does not give you the go-ahead to repair the problems yourself.

If the problem is basic and you can actually solve it, then there is no point in hiring someone else to do the work for you. However, if the problem proves to be a challenge, it is best that you leave it to the professionals and let them take of it.

In addition, you should always keep in mind that your washing machine might not get better with the repairs. You might also lack the crucial parts you require in repairing the washer. With this, you need to keep an open mind and acknowledge that there might be a possibility for replacement. By factoring in the time it has served you it would probably be more cost efficient to buy a new one.

Always remember to consult and seek advice on any problems you may be experiencing.