Pregnancy in Your 30s – Here’s What to Expect?

Having a baby is one of the most amazing moments for the couple who become parents. A tiny human being comes into their lives, a symbol of their love. The baby who is a part of the mother and father becomes the center of their attention and whose birth is a joyous moment for them. Pregnancy is a stage that can be fulfilling and challenging for a woman.

The body goes through changes to make way for the baby. Sometimes the change is easy, and sometimes it isn’t. Women can choose to have a baby when they feel they are ready. And these days they are increasingly choosing to have a baby in their 30s. Fewer women in their 20s are looking to have children due to multiple reasons.

The reasons why women want to have a baby later in life can be:

●     Financial Independence

Most people, men or women are well settled when they reach the age of 30. They have their finances under control and a stable lifestyle. So, women choosing to have a child when they are in a better financial position is an advantage. The baby will have needs, and they can be fulfilled if there are sufficient savings to take care of that. The savings pile is usually larger by the age of 30.

Pregnancy can be exciting when you are in your 30s●     Job Security

When people enter the workforce, the first job they get may not be the one where they feel the most satisfied. It takes a certain amount of time to find the right job and grow in it to have job security. Hence, having a baby at a later age makes sense for women who work.

●     Late Marriage and Stable Relationship

People are getting married at a later age compared to earlier times when they would be married by twenty-three or twenty-four. There are courtships, dating and engagement periods before two people actually marry and that takes time. Also, being in a stable relationship is a decisive factor in having a baby. If a woman is not in a stable relationship, bringing a child into the world alone, may not be an easy decision.

The Probability of Getting Pregnant in your 30s

Women are most fertile in their 20s. And although there is some decline in infertility during the 30s, age bracket of 30-34 is still good to have a child. The fertility declines steeply after the age of 37. Women around the world are waiting to finish their education, have a stable job and relationship before having a child. The age of the would-be parents determines how easy or hard it would be to get pregnant.

Although more women are giving birth in their 30s, there is an increase in fertility treatments and miscarriages. Late pregnancy can cause health issues for the mother and the child. Getting pregnant at a later age can involve monitoring your ovulation cycle or seeking IVF treatments. As women age, the quality of eggs deteriorates that causes problems in conception. To overcome this, women can freeze their eggs and then have the baby at whichever age they want.

Twins or more children

The chances of having more than one child is a good possibility if your pregnancy is at a later age. There are hormonal fluctuations that increase the chances of twins. If one seeks fertility treatments, then there is a high chance of twins or multiple children like triplets or quintuplets. Although a pregnancy with triplets or more fetuses is difficult, it isn’t totally unheard of.

Risks Involved

With age, the number of eggs a woman is born with decreases and the body is also aging. There are certain risks and health issues that you need to be aware of if you are planning a baby at 30.

  • Older women have a higher chance of gestational diabetes, and this can lead to larger babies.
  • High blood pressure or gestational hypertension can happen in late pregnancy. Hence, continuous monitoring is important.
  • Complications arising from a late pregnancy are fairly common. This has led to c-section in many cases.
  • Chances of miscarriage are also very high, and women must take care to stay pregnant if they plan a baby after 30 years of age.
  • There is an increased risk of low birth weight, as older women are prone to deliver premature babies.
  • The risk of a baby with chromosomal abnormalities is higher after 30 years and keeps increasing. There is a 1 in 900 chance of the baby being born with Down’s Syndrome for women at age 30. This changes to 1 in 350 by 35 years, 1 in 100 by 40 and 1 in 30 by 45 years of age.

Be careful taking meds when preggySteps to Pregnancy

  • Get rid of birth control like pills and other contraceptives a few months before you start trying for a baby.
  • Exercise and maintain the right weight. Eat healthy food, so your body is in good shape when the time comes.
  • Give up drinking and smoking as it affects the health of the unborn child.
  • Consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or genetic disorders. Chronic illnesses like diabetes or asthma have to be treated carefully.
  • Be careful with your medicines as many of the general ones are not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Track your menstruation cycle to know the period when you will be most fertile. Most women have the highest fertility about two weeks after the first day of your cycle.
  • Take prenatal vitamins in consultation with the physician and be up to date on your vaccinations.

Take Care of your Body

Women who are pregnant at a later age must take care of their bodies. Relax and avoid stressful situations. Continue with light exercises in consultation with your doctor. There are yoga and Lamaze classes for pregnant women that may help you in your journey to motherhood.

A prenatal massage is an amazing option for relaxation. It loosens joints and muscles while improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue. Cramps or stiffness can be reduced by going for this. There are good prenatal massage therapists in New York City and around the world who are qualified and experienced. They employ several techniques to soothe the body and release tension. Women must eat well too, as the mother will be eating for two people.

There may be challenges to getting pregnant post 30 years of age, but it isn’t impossible. Women planning to have a child in their 30s needs to plan well and take care of a few things. The joy of having a baby is the same, irrespective of age. Enjoy the journey as you go through a beautiful experience of bringing life into the world.