Multitasking and Managing Household Chores

I still remember how shell-shocked I was when I brought my newborn daughter home from the hospital. I’d worked for an oil company as an accountant, and my time had virtually been my own to manage how I wished.

Moms usually juggle household chores to be more productiveAll of that changed in a matter of hours. I was amazed at how virtually all of my time revolved around my daughter. This little bundle who couldn’t even WALK, let alone communicate, occupied a majority of my time. To top it off, I was working at home, so my work schedule had to remain flexible to accommodate her needs.

Two sisters and a brother followed my oldest daughter, and through the years I learned to develop my multi-tasking skills into an art form. In fact, all of my girls are grown, and my son is in high school, yet I use many of the same tactics I used when they were young to get things humming along fairly smoothly, at both work and home.

Here’s a well-kept secret: small increments of time can be put to good use, resulting in an increased level of productivity. It’s imperative that you learn the value of small pockets of time because, with young children, a job, or a combination of both, that indeed is all you have. When they nap, you have a more extended stretch, but if you do EVERYTHING that needs to get done while they sleep, you’ll be exhausted by the time they wake up.

Making the most of little increments will save your sanity, and will help you be that much further ahead. You will be amazed at you can accomplish just by consistently using those wee moments.

To make this new mindset work, you need to drop grandiose, perfectionist thoughts such as:

  1. The entire house must be cleaned in one day
  2. If I can’t do all of the laundries in one fell swoop, I’ll not do it at all.
  3. Even if I put away the clutter, the house won’t be dust free, so I may as well forget the whole thing.

And on and on it goes. Those types of thoughts will leave you discouraged and frustrated, at the very least. The truth is, and you must be diligent about telling yourself the fact, you can improve the appearance of your home without spending an entire day focused on it.