Creating More Garage Space by Decluttering

These days most of us seem to accumulate a lot of stuff, which inevitably often makes its way from the home to the garage. To create more space in the garage, first, declutter to get rid of unused items and then go to the DIY store to buy ceiling hooks, netting, and shelving storage units.

Your garage is a messCreate More Garage Space – Charity Shop or Garage Sale

One of the simplest ways to create more space in a garage is to give each member of the family a bin liner and have them put in any old toys, games, accessories or equipment which they no longer use. Next, go through each family member’s bin bag and remove anything that is either broken or recyclable and head to the nearest recycling bank. Anything which is suitable for passing on to others may then be taken to a charity shop. For those wishing to make some cash, consider arranging a garage sale, or taking unused items to a car-boot sale.

The benefit of selling items at a car boot sale is that after paying a minimal entrance fee, one is guaranteed that there will be a lot of people present. Whereas holding a garage sale can take a lot longer to sell items, as unless one lives in a busy area, there will not be so many buyers around.

Improve Garage Storage – Buy Ceiling Hooks, Netting and Shelving Storage Units

Now that all the excess, unused or no longer wanted items have either been taken to a charity shop, recycled, or sold at a car-boot or garage sale, the leftover pieces may be stored more efficiently. It is worth heading to the nearest DIY store (B&Q are usually inexpensive), to purchase ceiling hooks, industrial strength netting and shelving storage units. As recommended by Maggio (2009) in The Art of Organizing Anything, ceiling hooks are a great space-saver, when used to hang bikes, cords, extension leads, hoses or even kayaks or canoes.

Industrial strength netting may be attached to garage walls and used as a practical storage area for various sports equipment, such as footballs, baseballs and other leisure items. Shelving storage units, when clearly labeled, can also free up a significant amount of garage space and may contain everything from screwdrivers to darts.

As highlighted above, garage space can be created by freeing up space by taking unwanted or unused items to charity shops or heading off to a car-boot sale or holding a garage sale. Remaining items may be stored using ceiling hooks, netting, and shelving storage units.


Maggio, Rosalie. (2009) The Art of Organizing Anything, New York: McGraw Hill